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Featured Student: Judy Chandler

Hi! I'm Judy Chandler.

I play guitar in the Bones Jones Music band known as Midweek Mayhem.

One of the reasons I retired was to pursue music more fully and more regularly than I had been able to do for some time. Although I had played guitar and bass for most of my life, I knew there was so much more for me to learn and explore. After looking into many available options in the area, and talking with Billy, I determined that Bones Jones Music was the right place for me.

Bones Jones classes include music theory, advanced guitar, and even songwriting, where I have been able to challenge myself and build my knowledge and skills at a pace that is right for me.

Billy makes group classes great!

I found that studying in a class setting with others was actually a plus, because I got the benefit of Billy's music instruction along with the input and collaboration of other students.

Billy has always listened to my expressed interests and needs, and has provided a way for me to keep improving and to enjoy what I am learning.

Billy's knowledge and experience are great in so many areas: he helps us decide on songs, provides charts for us, teaches us not only fundamentals but also many tips and tricks, helps us work out parts, guides us through rehearsals, and completes our sound by playing guitar with us.

In Midweek Mayhem I am especially enjoying the classic rock songs that we are learning right now. I also enjoy the openness of our band class members to take on many different kinds of music to help us grow as individual players and as a band. Our band's expanding repertoire includes a range from Pink Floyd to Bob Marley to Mac DeMarco, and things in between.

I really enjoy the other members of the class, both as musicians and as people, and it is clear that Billy had the needs and goals of each of us in mind when he was building our class. I look forward to our weekly rehearsals and to making more music with a great group of people.

Join Bones Jones Music!

To someone who is considering joining Bones Jones, I would say, "Go for it!" Although it requires an investment in time and practice outside of class, the things you will learn and the people you will meet will be well worth it, and, if you're like me, you will leave class feeling energized and motivated.


Ready to rock with us?

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