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Featured Student: Mike Cooke

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Hi! My name is Mike Cooke.

I'm the lead guitarist and vocalist for the Bones Jones Music Band called Angry Atoms.

After dabbling a bit in high school, I got a guitar about 15 years ago. I played on and off throughout that time, but some years my guitar just collected dust. After my son started taking lessons and getting better than me, I started getting more serious about playing.

I never had formal lessons but learned to play songs I liked by using tab. What excited me about Bones Jones Music was the idea of playing with other people in a full band and learning more about how to make music on my own, instead of just following the tab.

Why classes Bones Jones Music?

It's incredibly motivating to be working toward a show with my band class. I'm learning a lot about how to work with other musicians to plan and prepare for a real show or recording session. And it is a lot of fun to perform for friends, family, and a real audience.

Other classes at Bones Jones Music are teaching me concepts and techniques that are opening up the fretboard. I'm learning to make my my own riffs and melodies without needing tab to tell me what notes to play.

I enjoy the fun atmosphere and the personalized attention that comes with being a student at Bones Jones Music. We talk through potential band songs to find ones that will be a blast to play while also helping expand our skills. Lessons teach and improve techniques that I put right back to use in the band sessions. It makes me feel like I'm always learning exactly what I need to keep progressing toward my personal goals.

There are a lot of great songs we're working on, but I'm most excited about Under Cover of Darkness by the Strokes. Not only does it rock, but it really shines when the whole band is playing it together.

If you are thinking about joining Bones Jones Music, I say go for it! BJM is great at matching your skill level to a lesson or band class so you can jump right in. I look forward to hearing you play at the next show!


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