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Student since 2011

Already an accomplished guitar player, Ward came to Bones Jones Music for bass guitar lessons. After many years of playing on his own he joined a BJM Rock Band Class. He now performs regularly with the BJM Rock Band Group.



Student since 2014

Gail started at Bones Jones Music to fine tune her guitar playing skills to accompany her already amazing singing voice. She now plays guitar and sings regularly with the BJM Rock Band Group and on her own in other projects.



Student since 2018

Lee studies electric guitar at Bones Jones Music. Shortly after his studies began he joined our Thursday night Rock Band class and began singing and performing at BJM events. He has become a beloved member of the BJM community.

Marty WOB.jpg


Student since 2017

Marty began studying guitar at Bones Jones Music as a total beginner.  Once she joined one of our signature guitar classes, her love of playing was unleashed.  Since her start in 2017, she has joined one of our Rock band classes and has now performed live with the band over numerous times.

Mike D Dawsons.jpg


Student since 2016

Mike started at Bones Jones Music to rekindle his love of playing guitar. He started strictly studying guitar, but shortly found himself singing and performing as well. He now sings and performs regularly with the BJM Blues Group and on his own.

Roger WOB.jpg


Student since 2015

When Roger joined us, he was already an accomplished lead guitar player.  He began studying rhythm playing and more lead & blues guitar techniques.  He also joined our house band, The Blues Situation, and has since performed live countless times both on his own and with BJM.

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