"Imagine being the guitar player that you want to be. This is a realistic goal and we can help you to achieve this. Students at Bones Jones Music have found that with our personalized learning methods they are on the fast track to becoming the players they want to be.

Come in for your free introductory lesson and see how we can get you started down the path to become the guitarist you've always dreamed of becoming."

Billy Jones (owner/instructor)



Just starting out? Dreaming of playing the guitar but don't know where to start?  We will show you the basics including chords, strumming, picking, melodies, songs, and more!


You've been playing on your own and have the basics down? Now what? Explore chord progressions, chord voicings, expand your fretboard knowledge, play beyond the 5th fret!


Your interests are in modern & classic rock music? Electric and acoustic players will focus on rock guitar playing such as: power chords, classic riffs & licks, new techniques, solos, and more!

Ready to start soloing and creating your own sound? Discover melodic patterns, triads, scales, arpeggios, licks, & everything in between. Learn what, how, and when to use these tools to improvise melodies, rhythms, solos, and more!



We support even the most proficient guitar players who have years and years of experience! We'll help you name your skills and discover how to integrate your knowledge more comprehensively using scales, arpeggios, modes, common progressions, chord voicing, and more!

Can't say enough good things about Bones Jones Music. As an adult who never touched a guitar until 18 months ago, I was hesitant. Billy, Jeff, and the rest of the gang are so patient and welcoming. They listen to the needs of their students and keep coming up with fun new classes.

- Marty (BJM student since 2017)

"Billy and Jeff are great instructors. I've learned a ton in the 6 months I've been here, and there's plenty of opportunity to learn more, whether it's weekly improv / rock band classes, or performing live at Dawson's. Outside of class, there has been a trip to Martin Guitar Factory in PA, and an upcoming trip to Wolf Trap."
- Kevin Chen (BJM student since 2018)
My son has been taking lessons there for more than a year and has shown great progress and has even performed in public several times as part of summer camp and recitals. The teachers are great; they're patient and adapt well to changing music preferences and are happy to help clueless parents navigate the many options for instruments and can help you get a good instrument without breaking the bank. Despite only one of my kids taking lessons the staff treats all three of them like they are long time students. It's a great place and has really helped my son develop a passion for music.
Drew L. (parent)
Bones Jones is more than a single weekly lesson. It's truly an education in music, a musical experience in which students not only learn to play, but learn to play with other students, to collaborate with other students and the excellent, excellent teachers, all accomplished band musicians themselves. 
I can't say enough good things about Bones Jones Music. It's been a great investment for me and, more important, continues to be a great learning and music experience for my son.  

Rock on!
Ed L. (parent) 

Still have questions?  Read on.

Start Now with your free introductory lesson.

Start Now with your free introductory lesson.

What happens in a free introductory lesson?

You will meet one on one with Billy to discuss your musical interests and goals as a guitar player. Whether you are just starting out, picking it back up, or you have been playing for years, we have something unique to offer you to help you reach fulfill your dream of becoming a guitar player!

Will my free introductory lesson be in-person or online?

We can meet with you for your introductory lesson online via Zoom or in-person - whichever feels most comfortable to you.

Will I be playing guitar during my free introductory lesson?

Part of the lesson is to determine where you are as a guitar player so it is helpful if you can play something with Billy. He will help you figure out what to play. It is typically strumming a few chords and playing anything else you'd like to share.

What if I've never played guitar before?

We have many students that are brand new to the guitar and have never played. Billy will demonstrate how and what to do as a brand new guitar player.

Do I need to know how to read music?

No! You do not need to know how to read music AND we won't make you learn to read music in order to learn to play the guitar. For more on this, click HERE.

Should I start with acoustic or electric?

Billy will help you determine if electric or acoustic guitar will be the best choice for you, including specific recommendations on types and brands of guitars.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No! All of our memberships are month to month. You may pause or cancel at anytime.

I still have questions.

Please complete our contact form or email us at:

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