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Featured Student: Rajni Samavedam

Hi! I'm Rajni Samavedam. I joined Bones Jones Music in September 2023 and I love learning guitar here.

As a child, I played the piano for a number of years and I took lessons in classical Indian music vocals. I started listening to different types of music in college and I was immediately drawn to folk music and especially intrigued by the guitar. 

I tried guitar lessons about 14 years ago but musically it wasn’t a good fit. I enjoyed learning and it was definitely fun but the lessons were classical guitar and I really wanted to play rock and folk music.

I was thrilled to discover Bones Jones Music and I joined in September 2023. It’s exactly the kind of music I want to be playing. We learn songs that are familiar, from the decades when I grew up. It’s songs I’d hear on the radio when I was younger and songs I listen to now on my own. 

Billy’s approach to learning is just right.

Billy has created an environment that is relaxed but also informative. It’s the right combination of learning about the instrument, accessible music theory and fundamentals plus learning songs I like and I want to play in a genre of music that I’ve always wanted to learn. From week to week, even if I’m not as diligent as I could be about practicing, I consistently learn something new. I can clearly see my progress in my skills from week to week. 

Learning piano as a kid was about reaching perfection through repetition but the classes at BJM aren’t about that. This is about being able to play and learn the skills and enjoy what I am doing. The classes here are the right balance of structure and flexibility. 

For example, in a class recently, I asked a question about a specific song and Billy pivoted to answer my question as part of the lesson. He has a really skillful way of taking our requests and incorporating them into the lessons, often on the spot. Each week Billy brings a lesson plan of what he wants to convey - one or two important ideas/concepts - but it’s not so rigid that it feels rote or boring.

Even though it’s a group class, Billy is good about recognizing how each student will be supported best. I know music through the lyrics so I’m always trying to associate the lyrics with where I’m playing. Billy met me right there by giving me the lyrics against the chords and I really helped to improve my timing. 

I’m at home in this community.

There are so many adults here who are in the same situation as me. We’ve done the typical life things with jobs and family and now we are finding joy in learning something new or what we've wanted to pursue. I really appreciate the camaraderie that comes from class with adults who are like-minded interested in learning and provide engaged and thoughtful questions in class.

Billy welcomes that and meets us where we are each week. I appreciate how he has removed the pressure from learning and is focused on making sure we are having fun learning and that we make progress at the same time.

We are learning some common chords that are found in Tom Petty’s “Don’t Back Down” and I’m excited to continue to improve “Better Man” by Pearl Jam.  

My next goal is to play several full songs all the way through and even play a few where I can sing along. I’m excited to do that and I’m well on my way!

Why not you too?

If you are thinking about joining BJM, do it! Learning to play guitar in a group is so much better than you expect. Folks in the classes are at different levels but Billy makes it adaptable and includes everyone no matter what. He is relaxed, approachable, and thoughtful about giving you personalized feedback to improve. It’s really a great environment for learning if you love music. Really, there is no risk so give it a try!


Are you ready?

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