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Featured Student: Lee Tiffany

Hi! My name is Lee Tiffany.

I sing and play guitar for the Bones Jones Music band called Silver Alert.

I taught myself to play guitar when I was a teenager because my parents did not have the money for lessons. But during my working years, the guitar sat in the closet. I decided to join Bones Jones Music after purchasing my first electric guitar. I thought it was time I take lessons to learn how to play better. Searching on the web led me to a place called Bones Jones Music. Since the name seemed creative, I figured that was the place to go.

Group Lessons are Great

When I visited BJM I had expected individual lessons. I wasn't too keen on the idea of group lessons. Billy pointed out that one advantage to group lessons is that you learn to play with other musicians. I decided to give it a try.

Billy was right! I really enjoy learning songs with the other members of our group. It allows the opportunity to learn many different songs and styles. There are so many songs I enjoy and have enjoyed playing and preforming. Presently our group is working on a couple Traveling Wilburys songs “Handle with Care” and “End of the Line”. I have especially enjoyed preforming at the Rockville Town Center. It is truly a wonderful feeling to provide entertainment to others.

Billy's teaching style addresses the abilities of each student even when there are many students in a class. I really enjoy his encouragement to develop each person’s unique ability and talent. I have become a more comfortable guitarist while improving my skills in the group setting.

Join us!

If you really want to have a fun at an enjoyable place to learn to play music then come to BJM. All the people at BJM are friendly and welcoming. Not only have I learned from the teaching staff but students help students.


Ready to get started with guitar lessons here?

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