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Featured Student: Ava Azari

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Hi! My name is Ava Azari.

I play guitar in the Bones Jones Music Band called Midweek Mayhem.

I've always loved music. Throughout high school and college, I was member of choir. I was friends with musicians and even considered majoring in music in college.

Fast forward several years and lots traveling for work pre-pandemic landed me in Rockville. I decided it was a great time to return to nurturing my love for music.

Now it's been two years as part of the Bones Jones Music community and it has been a truly great experience!

The Best Part of Bones Jones Music

I didn’t know that I would like performing when I joined the Midweek Mayhem band and I was pretty nervous for my first performance on the Rockville Town Square Stage.

But it was so fun!

Every upcoming performance motivates me to continue practicing. It's easily my favorite part of being a student at Bones Jones Music even though I didn't expect that.

Part of this is because I adore my bandmates! They are simply wonderful people and we all share a true love for music. Whether we are working on a new song or a new skill to improve our playing, everyone is always eager to learn.

We are working on Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen right now. One of my bandmates remarked that we've all heard this song but none of us could think of ever hearing another band cover it.

It's exciting to think about performing this soon. It's such a fun, upbeat, addictive song. The perfect ear worm that gets me excited to come back to work on it again and again.

Why You Should Join Us at BJM

I'm not joking when I say this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I know life can get busy if you make the commitment to come in and to learn something new, you'll see how positive this is in every way.

It doesn't have to be hard. You just need to decide one day to give it a try and it will be great!

Honestly, I can’t imagine my life without guitar. What was I even doing with my time before? Ha, ha, ha!

I'm so glad that I decided it was time to let my love for music blossom at Bones Jones Music and you will too!


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