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Have you practiced today?

Want to know the best way get motivated to practice?

It's wildly simple:

Put your guitar where you see it.

Jeff Beck once said of his guitar, "That old funny-shaped bit of wood is still staring me in the face every day saying ‘come on, you haven’t started yet!’"

It’s easy to think of excuses not to practice.

The one I tell myself is that I don’t have time.

The real truth is that I’m not MAKING time.

But just like Jeff Beck, I can't avoid practicing when my guitar is staring at me, reminding me to play.

Making a dedicated practice space where your guitar is out of the case and visible.

This is the very best way to motivate yourself to practice.

Your space doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You can even just set up in a corner somewhere like this:

(A cute baby picture on the wall is not required!)

Once I saw how much more often I was practicing when my I didn't have to make a big ordeal of getting out my guitar, I decided to expand my practice space to look like this:

Now I walk by and pick up my guitar and practice a little bit (or a lot!) throughout the day.

The key is just to have your guitar out and about, handy at all times like this:

Okay, so maybe don’t keep your guitar on the counter next to your butter?

But seriously, once your guitar is easily accessible and you just start playing, you’ll quickly forget any of the excuses you had invented not to practice.

Give it a shot and let us know if this helps!

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