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Quick Music Theory: Scales

Music theory is a way to describe in a common language how musicians make music.

We like to nerd out on music making as much as the next guys. And we celebrate the fact that we are not the type of music school that requires you to dive deep into heady theories. We want to get your fingers on a guitar and playing great stuff from day one. We firmly believe you don’t have to learn to read music or understand complicated concepts to just enjoy making music.

Our occasional Quick Music Theory blog posts are intended to give you little snippets of music language to help you understand why you are learning what you are learning.

Our first Quick Music Theory post was about chords.

Now it's time for...


We know you've certainly heard the term “scale” before.

But what is it exactly?

A scale is a sequence of notes in an ascending or descending order. The notes “go together” you might say. 

We spend a lot of time learning and playing pentatonic - 5-note scales - scales because they are the most commonly used scales in rock music. 

Check out these two videos on how to solo using the pentatonic scale:

Well that was fun, right?

Stay tuned for more Quick Music Theory in the future!


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