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Introducing: Quick Music Theory

I'm excited to share the first of a new kind of blog post with you that we are calling Quick Music Theory.

Music theory is a hot button divisive issue among musicians, especially in the rock world. It’s a music world trope that all of the classically trained musicians look down their noses at the guitarists who read tab and “just play” the guitar.

As you know, we firmly believe that you can enjoy playing the guitar without ever learning to read standard notation. We are all about removing the intimidation factor from playing music!

But as you also know, we want to give you opportunities to continue to connect the analytical and intellectual side of your mind with your music.

We want to give you some quick music theory now and again that you can use without making it feel intimidating.

First up: Chords!

A chord is a group of two or more notes combined and played simultaneously.

If you are playing two notes at the same time, it’s called a dyad (sometimes spelled diad.)

If you are playing three notes at the same time, it’s called a triad.

When you play the notes of a chord in succession - either ascending or descending - that’s called an arpeggio.


Ready for more?

Join us in-person and take your guitar playing to the next level! Contact us to schedule your intro lesson.


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