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4 Ways to Make Sure You Don't Suck at Slide Guitar

Do you feel excited but also a little intimidated by the prospect of playing slide guitar?

If so, you are not alone! Even the most proficient guitar players can be daunted by the prospect of using a slide.

It's true that playing slide guitar well can be challenging but it's not impossible. We are here with 4 sure-fire ways to make sure you don’t suck at slide guitar!

1. Choose the right slide.

Okay, so maybe obvious that if you want to play slide guitar well, you probably shouldn't use a banana for a slide.

The most popular slides are made from glass, metal, ceramic, and brass.

Different slides have a different feel and a subtly different sound but the single most important thing about choosing a slide is that it fits your finger well and that you can control the movement of the slide on the fretboard.

2. Don’t press too hard.

When you use a slide with too much pressure, the guitar strings buzz. It takes a little practice and finesse but you have to let the weight of the slide do the work. Don’t make it harder than it is by adding too much pressure.

3. Don’t use the slide too much.

Playing every note with the slide is just plain overkill. Like any special technique, it has a bigger impact when it’s used sparingly. Find the just right moments in your songs and riffs and you’ll get a big payoff.

4. Take Jeff’s workshop!

Did you see this one coming?

We are fortunate to have a fantastic slide guitar player as part of the Bones Jones music teaching team and you should definitely come learn from him.

Jeff teaches an awesome Online Slide Guitar workshop. The next one is this Saturday, January 23, 2-4 pm EST.


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