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Three Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Guitar

Buying your first guitar can be fun and exciting. But it's also overwhelming. There are so many choices and so much conflicting advice. We've got three simple questions you need to answer before you buy your first guitar.

1. What kind of music do you want to play?

This seems obvious but this question can take you a long way to deciding on the right instrument for you.

Consider your favorite guitarists/bands. What kinds of guitars do they play?

If you are a fan of singer/songwriters like John Mayer, Taylor Swift, and Chris Stapleton, acoustic might be the way to go.

If you enjoy 90's grunge like Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and Smashing Pumpkins, try starting on electric.

And of course fans of 80's hard rock like Def Leppard, AC/DC, and Queen will enjoy playing electric too.

2. So is it electric or acoustic?

It's a common recommendation that beginners should start playing on an acoustic guitar. But if you know you want to play electric guitar, you don't have to start on an acoustic guitar!

In fact, if you aren't sure about acoustic or electric, I recommend electric and here's why:

Acoustic is hard on your fingers. It takes more hand strength to press the strings down and to play for long periods of time.

Many folks who end up starting on acoustic give up too soon and never get past the beginner stages. It's frustrating to work so hard at something new and especially when you are looking forward to playing an electric guitar in the end.

I'm not saying that playing an electric guitar is an automatic win for everyone. However, there is less string tension on electric guitars so it's easier to press down and make clean sounds. So learning to play on an electric guitar is just less painful for your fingers until you build up some callouses.

If you can play comfortably for longer stretches on an electric guitar, there's a good chance you'll see progress faster and stick with it longer.

3. What is your budget?

Let's face it. Money matters! Especially when you are just starting out it can be hard to drop top dollar on a brand new guitar.

I always recommend that folks check out used guitars. I buy used guitars all the time! You will get a better deal on a higher quality instrument if you are willing to consider purchasing something used.

That said, there are several affordable beginner guitars that I regularly recommend. Check out Squire and Harley Benton, who offer affordable good quality electric guitars in the $200-$300 range.

If you are looking for a new acoustic guitar, check out the beginner options in the $200-$300 range made by Yamaha and Harley Benton.

Here's the Bottom Line:

Pick any guitar and you'll figure out if you like it as time goes on. Even more important than the guitar you are playing, find a good teacher.

Learning guitar on your own might sound like an appealing option but once you develop bad guitar habits, they are hard to break. One little tweak from a teacher can make all the difference between frustration and progress. For example, check out this blog post about the position of your thumb and this blog post about guitar straps.

If you are excited about playing rock music on the guitar from the 1960's to present day, contact us to schedule an intro lesson. And no need to have a guitar before you get here. We'll lend you one for your first lesson and then help you figure out which instrument will be just right for you!


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