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Improve Your Guitar Playing in 1 Simple Step

Do you play your guitar sitting down? Me too! But sitting down to play can lead to bad form, which leads to bad technique, which makes everything harder to play. The solution? Stand up and use a guitar strap. That's it? Yes! It's really that simple to improve your guitar playing right away.

Recommended Straps

Here are a few guitar straps that we like. Click on the image for a link to purchase.

How to Position Your Strap Correctly

Different players keep their strap at different heights. Two extreme examples are Tom Morello, who uses a very high strap setting, and Slash, who wears his guitar in a low position.

While Slash's lower strap position might look cooler, the lower your strap is, the harder it is to play.

To set your strap height, sit down and set your strap height so that it’s comfortable to play while you are sitting. Leave it at that same height when you are standing.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

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