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Do you control your fretboard or does it control you?

Remember the 90’s movie Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone?

Well, playing the guitar really has nothing to do with that.


In order to play without limitation, you have to have an instant and total recall of the fretboard.

Your fretboard is controlling you.

You’ll know you've lost control of your fretboard in those moments when these things happen:

You want to jump down a few positions on the guitar but you can’t remember what scale position starts there.

You forget which fret a riff starts on.

You have a mini freak out when you see a key change coming up because you don’t remember the scales in the new key.

Be the master of your fretboard!

When you are the master of your fretboard you’ll be able to banish the inner monologues that sound like this:

"Where can I play another G chord?"

”Where are the notes in the next scale position lower on the guitar neck?”

“Where are the notes in the next chord within the scale I am in? Where are they in the next position?”

“Where is the arpeggio shape near the 11th fret for that next chord?”

Don't feel intimidated.

Here at Bones Jones Music we create fretboard masters thanks to a workshop we call...

Developed for our students to create a blueprint of the fretboard in your mind, this workshop will teach you fun and easy techniques to:

  • Learn common patterns

  • Locate scales, notes and licks

  • Recognize and memorize the location of notes

Stop letting your fretboard be in charge of you!

Anyone at any stage of the guitar playing will benefit from this workshop. So what’s holding you back?


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