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Guitar - Keyboard - Voice - Drums - Bass

Ages 8 & up.


Playing In a Rock Band

Why It's Cool: Kids interested in music have probably dreamed of being a rock star, and our band camp will get them one step closer to realizing that dream!  Even if they’re not ready for rock stardom, they will have a blast working on songs they love in a fun, group atmosphere.

What They’ll Do: Learn to play a selection of songs on their chosen instrument: guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, or vocals.  Work with a trained instructor in a fun, creative, group setting. Learn to create a band social media presence, promotional tools, logos, and more.  Perform songs at the end of the week. 

Why Kids Love It: Playing in a band is a great way to improve on an instrument in a group setting. Our friendly instructors make practicing fun and challenging.  Kids gain a tremendous sense of achievement, learn the benefits of working as a team, and gain a strong sense of community.


  * We welcome kids ages 8 & up for our Rock Band Camp. Bands will be split into two groups,

     8 - 10 and 11 & up.  

** Each session will culminate with a concert on Friday or Saturday at a local venue! 


Guitar - Keyboard - Voice - Drums - Bass
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