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Tom Morello is our Guitar Hero

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

We're continuing our shout outs to the guitarists we admire the most here at BJM with our guitar hero, Tom Morello.

Perhaps best known for his time with Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, Tom Morello also boasts a long list of impressive side projects and gigs including his acoustic project The Nightwatchmen, guitarist for supergroup Prophets of Rage, and a stint touring and recording with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, filling in for Stevie Van Zandt.

One of the things we admire most about Tom Morello’s guitar playing is his approach to gear. While he’s known for his sound-manipulation, heavy use of guitar effects, feedback noise and unconventional picking and tapping, he regularly reminds us that worrying too much about gear takes away from the experience of playing guitar.

Many of the guitars Morello has played throughout his career were used and purchased inexpensively.

The Fender Stratocaster "Soul Power" that Morello plays for many Audioslave songs was purchased by Morello off the rack from Guitar Center.

For Rage Against the Machine’s Grammy award winning song “Tire Me”, Morello played the St. George MP-3 "Creamy" he bought at a Canadian pawnshop for $40 Canadian.

Morello got his 1982 stock black Fender Telecaster "Sendero Luminoso" by trading a Marshall amplifier head to his roommate.

His most famous “Arm the Homeless” Mongrel Custom was the one guitar made for him based on his exact specifications. But when he received it, he hated everything about it and immediately set about reassembling it.

“Play the guitar you have” is a Tom Morello motto we fully embrace here at BJM.

Have a guitar that needs some love? Contact us and our very own guitar tech Jeff will get you squared away.

Another thing we appreciate about Tom Morello? He says the key to getting good on guitar is PRACTICE. Check out his latest interview in Guitar World.

Are you ready to get started on whatever guitar you have? Ready to practice more often and make your practice time more productive?

Join us for online classes! We are offering a FREE CLASS on Thursday, May 14.


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