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3 Reasons to Play Guitar With Other People

Ever see a football team with only 1 player on it?

Me neither!


Football is not a solo sport.

Neither is guitar!

Guitars are meant to play with other instruments.

Is your favorite music played by a solo guitarist?


It’s played by a group, right?

A band.

With a guitar as one of several instruments.

Playing and enjoying music is a group activity and that community aspect of being a musician is something we take seriously here at Bones Jones Music.

Even if you don’t dream of playing in a rock band, here are 3 reasons why you should be playing guitar with other people.

1. You'll improve faster by giving and receiving feedback.

Feedback is an essential part of improving at many skills, guitar playing included. Working with a skilled teacher who can direct your efforts and provide criticism on your playing is essential.

Even better? When you play guitar with others, your playing improves based on the feedback you get from your fellow musicians.

Learning to give constructive feedback makes you a better musician too. At Bones Jones Music, we make space for students to support each other, model how to give constructive feedback, and give you guidance on how to respond to the feedback you receive.

2. There's nothing like camaraderie.

Learning anything new comes with challenges. Learning with others relieves the feelings that you are alone in your struggles.

When you play music with others, you’ll feel bolstered by the encouragement and support you receive from your peers. Watching your fellow musicians overcome their own guitar playing obstacles is really inspiring.

Plus it’s a great time sharing musical interests and inspiration. I have discovered some of my favorite bands and songs based on recommendations from my fellow musicians.

3. Performance anxiety isn't (as big of) a thing.

The biggest downside of playing by yourself or playing just for your teacher in a private lesson is that you are only comfortable playing in front of one person.

Playing with others is a built-in kind of performance preparation.

So when it comes time to perform at our big summer concert on Rockville Town Square Stage you will be ready!

Start playing guitar with other people today!

There’s no rule that says you have to learn to play alone before you can play as part of a group. In fact, it’s a huge misconception that learning to play the guitar (or any instrument!) is best learned alone.

We argue that it’s more fun and more productive to learn and play music with others.

So what are you waiting for? Now more than ever we need to connect with others in person. It's a great time to grab your mask and your guitar so we can make music together!

Contact us now to schedule a free lesson and to learn more about our Rock Band classes.


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