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Eliminate the fear, self-doubt and uncertainty about how to play guitar and piano with simple and easy to use concepts, ideas, and strategies we have developed.

Expert Music Teachers

Our friendly, welcoming staff has over 30+ years of experience playing, teaching, and performing.

Learn Your Favorite Songs

Learn simple and easy to use concepts, ideas, and strategies to become the musician you are meant to be.

Opportunities To Perform

All students are encouraged to perform at our regular gigs with other students, teachers, or band class groups.

Comfortable Environment

Our school is a warm and inviting place for our community of musicians to grow and reach their goals.

Have you had lessons before and found them boring?
Do you wish to understand your instrument beyond the songs you know?
Do you want to learn how music is constructed?
Would you like professional feedback in a fun, supportive environment?

"Are you really able to play the way that you would like to and make music in the way that you want to? Imagine being the musician that you want to be. This is a realistic goal and we can help you to achieve this. Students at Bones Jones Music have found that with our personalized learning methods and content delivered in the right way, they are on the fast track to becoming the players they want to be.

Our lessons aren’t like others out there. We design lessons based on your goals, preferences, and personality. You will learn the songs you want to learn while discovering all of the elements used to create them. We will show you more efficient ways to practice, common patterns used in music, and how to make them your own."

Billy Jones (owner/instructor)



Mon: 3pm - 9pm

Tue: 3pm - 9pm

Wed: 3pm - 9pm

Thu: 3pm - 9pm

Friday: 11am - 2pm

* Classes and lessons are by appointment only;  Please contact us to arrange a visit or a free introductory lesson!

We encourage ALL students to perform at our Student Jams (recitals) and are constantly seeking performance opportunities at local restaurants and community events. You will have mulitple opportunities to perform for your family and friends! Check out our INSTAGRAM page to see photos of past performances.

Start now by clicking HERE to schedule your FREE introductory lesson now!


We offer a variety of lesson formats to suit your individual needs, access to our online student center where you can make manage lesson payments, view payment and lesson history, and more.

With one of our teachers as your mentor and guide, you can achieve your goals faster than on your own in a fun, supportive, and collaborative learning environment! 

Click HERE for more on our Guitar Program.

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