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What kind of guitar player do you dream of becoming?

Here at BJM you can achieve your goals faster than on your own in a fun, supportive, and collaborative learning environment!

You've been playing on your own and have the basics down? Now what? Explore chord progressions, chord voicings, expand your fretboard knowledge, play beyond the 5th fret!


Your interests are in modern & classic rock music? Electric or acoustic players will focus on rock guitar playing such as: power chords, classic riffs & licks, new techniques, solos, and more!


Ready to start soloing and creating your own sound? Discover melodic patterns, triads, scales, arpeggios, licks, & everything in between. Learn what, how, and when to use these tools to improvise melodies, rhythms, solos, and more!


Just starting out? Been playing by yourself for awhile? Learn basics including chords, strumming, picking, melodies, songs, and more!


Expand your fretboard knowledge and explore how music works on the guitar! Chord voicings, scales, arppegios, modes, common progressions, and more! Learn to apply these topics and integrate them into your playing.

"Billy and Jeff are great instructors. I've learned a ton in the 6 months I've been here, and there's plenty of opportunity to learn more, whether it's weekly improv / rock band classes, or performing live at Dawson's. Outside of class, there has been a trip to Martin Guitar Factory in PA, and an upcoming trip to Wolf Trap."
- Kevin C.
Have you had lessons before, but found them frustrating or boring?
Do you wish to understand your instrument beyond the songs you know?
Do you want to learn how music is constructed?
Would you like professional feedback in a fun, supportive environment?

"Are you really able to play the way that you would like to and make music in the way that you want to? Imagine being the musician that you want to be. This is a realistic goal and we can help you to achieve this. Students at Bones Jones Music have found that with our personalized learning methods and content delivered in the right way, they are on the fast track to becoming the players they want to be.

Our lessons aren’t like others out there. We design lessons based on your goals, preferences, and personality. You will learn the songs you want to learn while discovering all of the elements used to create them. We will show you more efficient ways to practice, common patterns used in music, and how to make them your own."

Billy Jones (owner/instructor)

Here are some common guitar challenges we've helped our students overcome:

Constantly frustrated • Feel like I'm not getting anywhere • Tired of teaching myself • Not progressing fast enough • Only getting pieces of songs • Fear of playing in front of people • Can't improvise • Don't know how to play in a band • Want to perform • Get my sound right • How to practice • What do I practice • Should I learn from many sources or one • Should I learn scales • What are modes • How do I start soloing • Should I work on rhythm •